Friday, October 19, 2018

Boo at the Zoo

Two weekends ago was another long one so we decided to start our Halloween activities early. Our first one was Boo at the Zoo. My moms favorite holiday of all time is Halloween so we need to get in as many Halloween activities as possible in the month of October.

                                                          Activities are Super Fun

We like the zoo because as a kid my mom always made it a point to take us to the zoo. We would always opt in for the membership since we were 5 kids all together. I remember the first Boos at the Zoo where everything was so spooky and cool. My favorite memory is walking through the Extinct Species Graveyard. We would see how many animals are actually extinct and can not be at the zoo anymore. It was a fun learning experience.

                                             Real Life Parrot and Witch Hat ring toss

The Halloween activities have definitely improved over the years. They have penalty of scene set up for all those photo opt we all need. Also have a corn maze, hay ride and lot of fun arts and crafts included in the ticket price. We did not get to see it all but here is the full list:

                                                             Fang-tastic Activities

My critters always love the food at the zoo so we bring drinks (our refillable souvenir cup) and some snacks but we always buy some food especially dessert from the Dancing Crane CafĂ©. They have renamed the food Ghostly Goodies. 

     Funnel Cake, Funnel Cake Sundae and the Critters with their Ghostly Goodies

Overall, it should definitely be added to your Halloween to do list. Next Weekend (October 28th) will be the last weekend to go so bundle up, throw on the costumes and head to the zoo.

Tips to know before you go: Since the weather is a bit colder now in October some of the animals have been moved to their winter holding homes. You are still able to see all of the indoor exhibits those don't really change. Go early to beat the crowds but sometimes even if you see a crowd they can all move to a different part of the zoo and you can go back to that exhibit. Dress warm because most of the fun parts are outside, like the Costume Parade. Keep your camera handy as many times as we been to the zoo this past summer, I still was still new animals we did not see on past trips.

                                           Oldest critter with a super sized Snow Leopard

Best news we heard a rumor that the Bronx Zoo will be bringing the Dinosaurs. We can not wait. Of course we have to wait until the Spring but it will be another Spring thing to look forward to.
By your tickets or membership in advance at Bronx Zoo.

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Apple Picking at Wilkens Fruit & Fir Farm

We are all back to school but it is kind of hard to get back into the full routine with all these days off (aka Holidays). Instead of stressing to a regular day to day when the kids are not in school I planned a fun day for the critters. My sister did help so I can not take all the credit on this one, lol. This apple farm was only about 40 mins away from us which was a big plus because I did not have to pack one million car activities.

                                                           Beautiful Scenery 

We went apple picking yesterday, a little early in the season but YOLO people why wait. It turned out to be a beautiful day the weather was like summer. We are definitely trying to hold on tight to summer so it was great. The critters left in long sleeves and came back in tank tops. It got that hot and carrying half a bushel of apples was a bit of a work out of us all.
Long Sleeves vs Tank Tops

I was not planning on it but I am gonna practice making some apple pies before the holiday season officially begins.  We did get a lot of apples. It was nice to pick kids up or try to pick them up so they can pick the nice apples from the trees.

                                        What half a bushel of apples looks like 

We did pay $32 for a half a bushel of apples. The fee was not only for the apples but covered admission to the apple field, the apples and a tractor ride. The fee was per groups of 3-4 people. They do have lots of options so you do not have to the half bushel like we did. I think the tractor ride is what sealed the deal for our group. That was a fun activity we had not done before. They did have the corn maze to but my critters were afraid to get lost in the maze so I got to save $3 bucks each, lol. The tractor ride was a pretty fun ride. It was not a hay ride with a enclosed wagon in back it was a tractor pulling a flat pallet. No seat belts or seats. My middle guy had a blast he of course stood up since he is my thrill seeker. It was beautiful to just take in the whole farm. and get nice scenic pictures. When you are done with the ride there is merch, lol. I did not buy a t-shirt but maybe next time.

                                   Tractor Ride and Merch (yes your legs are hanging off the pallet)

Tips before you go:
1- Have cash for the bakery and try to get there early. We arrived at about 10am and it was not crowded at all. When we went back (about 2pm) to get more goodies for the way back home the line was out the door and growing by the minute.
2- Bring the wipes or pull ups. The only bathrooms was the dreaded port a potty. They were ok in the morning but got worse as the day went on and more and more people arrived.
3- Pack a nice lunch because hot dogs are $3 a pop. Save your cash for all the Apple Cider Donuts, .85 cents each or 6 for $4.75. If you arrive early get the chocolate covered one for $1.25 each. They were sold out by the time I wanted one so let me know how they are. They do have a nice area with a lot of picnic benches so they do allow outside food and drinks.
4 - Bring your phone charge or extra memory card because there are A LOT of photo opts.

                                Donuts Maker in actions and all the Baked Goodies

Since we did go earlier than usual we need to go back to get our pumpkin for Halloween. The pumpkin patches start September 28th, so if you need a pumpkin try to go after this date. They also do Christmas trees so that might be another adventure or reason to go back.

                                           Big stack of hay, can you make it to the top?

If you want to have a apple picking adventure of your very own check out Wilkens Farm.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Donating Just Because

As we are so blessed to go to fun events I always thinking about the people that are might not have the same opportunities. After we enjoy the fun events, I like to get all the goodies we get and put one or two on the side. I like to share the goodies with friends, family or even complete strangers.

The school my critters currently attend always do a Holiday Toy Drive. They ask for unopened toys and donate to a local shelter or hospital. On some occasions students from the school are able to join the school faculty to drop kids and see the kids that are less fortunate. These moments are priceless in a child's life. As parent you want your kids to know about the less fortunate but there is a fine line with beating them over the head with it or making them feel bad and worry they can be there too. With these opportunities they get the chance to see first hand and be grateful that they are blessed to be able to give. We want our kids to have the best and the latest and greatest toys but most of the time they play with the new toy(s) for a bit but then toss them to the side for their electronics device. (Insert yours here - tablet, phone, laptop, etc). So in other words they wont miss and sometimes not
even notice the ideas you keep on the side to donate.

Another way, that I have done over the years, would be donating my hair. My hair is thick and tends to get very heavy as it gets longer. After each of my pregnancies I cut all my hair off, left it short enough to make a quick ponytail to pull it back for late night pamper changes. Being a new mom I quickly learned there was not free time to style my hair as I once did. It was a choice of sleep or InStyler, Sleep WON!!  I donated to Locks of Love and Wigs for Kids. These are just a few of the organizations out there that use human hair to help kids that have a long term medical hair loss for any diagnosis. If you know of any other please let me know, Sharing is Caring.
                                         My Donation to Wigs for Kids from Nov 2017

Another donation that is near and dear to my heart are Box Tops 4 Education. If you know me you know I will raid you cabinets and leave all out cereal, cans and any other household product with a missing corner because I need all the box tops I see to donate to our school. I have been educating my neighbors, family, friends and even community workers about this wonderful program. Even if you do not have a child in school you can still do your part and clip and drop them off at your child former school or the neighborhood school that participates in the program.
Box Tops are a small square, pictured below, worth 10 cents found on A LOT of everyday items we all buy. They are always adding to list of participating-products but this is the most up to date. This free money for schools gets thrown away way too much. If your school does not participate jump on the Box Tops bandwagon during National Box Tops Week September 17th to 23rd, 2018. What school couldn't use some extra money.

                                             Box Tops come in all sizes so look out for them

These are just some of the many ways to share your own personal blessings.
What are ways that you donate? Always want to do more to help others so please leave ideas below.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Summer Fun Time

Hi All,
It has been a while but I am back and ready to share maybe over share, LOL. As we all say goodbye to the days of school filled with plays, test and class gifts it is time to let loose and just RELAX. We move on to the days of no schedules and going where the day takes us. Hold on I have 3 critters to entertain all summer. Mom Life aka the best life keeps me from the full relaxation aka vacation mode. I am really trying to embrace this because school life last year was very stressful. I am loving the time we are spending all together with no bed times.

We have joined the Pokemon Go craze, yup we are late to the party but I like to think we let the games/app get all the kinks out and when we play it is running more smoothly. But the truth is I finally caved and installed it on my phone. This is the best mom hack to get them outside. If you live walking distance to a Poke Stop you can get them excited to go visit the stop and then get them to do more outdoor activities. You all know my crew is full of gamers so they have no issues staying home gaming all day in their pjs. Gaming time is a great opportunity for me to get any work done but summer is a time to be outdoors. It gets so very cold in the winter so I need to max them out on that good old vitamin D during the short summer months.

                   Pokemon Go is free in the app store but only available on a phone no tablets. 

Another fun summer activity will be Super League Summer Bootcamp. Yes we got to get the games in there for the days that we just need a break or it is raining. This boot camp is something new from Super League and we are all definitely excited. When the event is done I will give you all a full run down. We get to play from home and there is a chance to win MONEY. It is a scholarship so that is def a big plus for my mom life. They pushed back the start date from July 15th to July 22nd. There is still time to join in on the FREE fun.
                       Super League Web page where you can register for your free ticket.

The zoo will be our favorite go to activity this summer. Since the Bronx Zoo is like the biggest zoo in the world no one can see all there is to see in a day so I waited it out and got the membership. Now we can go see all there is to see in the Bronx Zoo and all the other zoos, wherever we like and as many times as we like. Good time to learn about the world and how so many factors cause it to go round. They are even more excited about the Zoo because we watch the show on Animal Planet.

Some of our fun Zoo adventures so far. Do you watch the Zoo we do and love it. Hi Jim!!

Definitely looking forward to having the most fun we can have this summer. My critters are growing up at the speed of light. My oldest will turn 9 this summer, middle guy is 7 and RebelGirl is 4 going on 14. I am not ready for them to all be in school next year so got to make as many summer fum memories as I can to get me thru to LONG school days.

Monday, April 23, 2018

New York Fury Season 3 ... Here we go !!!

MineCraft is a game that is played a lot at my house. We had the opportunity to participate in this cool event, Super League MineCraft City Champs in October 2017. We have liked Season 2 so much we decided to we definitely need to be a part of Season 3.

Season 3 will be even better because both our boys get to play side by side. My middle guy Kev is now 7 years old and has his own laptop (thanks to his Grandpa), this meets he has all the qualification to get in the game and play. After our first day (practice session), I see that this will be a chance for the broz to become even closer. Big Bro Ry is helping out lil bro and they are having a blast, even making some new friends. Dont leave out RebelGirl aka Baby Sister at all. She is by their side cheering them on and taking notes for when she is able to join the game.

                                   Helping Bro log in                  RebelGirl taking notes in her THT

I am so happy we were able to join the Season 3 for the practice day, we missed it for Season 2. Although they were not playing for points that count towards the championship, we had a few hiccups. We were informed that to be on the same team you needed to logging in at the same time. We did not do this so the broz are on separate teams, Ry is on Team D and Kev on Team F.
They are all on New York Fury so they all are on the same team right?! Mom Life always has its obstacles so you either get stressed or think your way out of the stress. I have found it is easier to just distract or confuse the Critters and it saves us all from getting upset. Hey whatever works right.

All the Super League staff has changed but they the new team is friendly and helpful. We missed Marco (who was such a big help to us in Season 2) but since we are "Vets" this Season we did not need so much tech support. We had fun seeing team mates from last Season entering with last Seasons jersey. It was a nice feeling to be able to help the new team mates get into the game and start playing.

                                    Movie theater #9 where all the game playing takes place

Season 3 is gonna be similar to Season 2 but I look forward to my guys racking up points and making it to the Finals. The first day we got to practice all the rounds, 2 of my favorite to watch are Soccer and Walls. I think all the players favorite one is Zombies, they always play this one last so might become the parents favorite too because you know the time is almost done. Some moms were brainstorming on ways to pass the time since most of them done understand the game, lol. Hopefully, moms and kids alike will have a good time for Season 3.


There is still time to join in the fun. Click the link and use the code PJ5 for $5 off. We will see you there. Super League 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

School Mom Life

As we say good bye to February and mid winter recess I am updating the kids room calendar. Yes I do have a calendar in their room, the kitchen and then I have my personal planner. We are a family of 5 needless to say we have a lot going on.

I want to teach my critters that it is important to know what day it is and what is happening that day. Sometimes we just go with the what that day brings but if we are more prepared more can accomplished so much more that day. I was told if you tell a child what you expect of them it helps them to excel and do well.

So I not only change the month for them but I add fun stickers to let them know days we don't have to go to school and special days. My middle critters birthday is coming in March so we got a extra sticker on the calendar for his special day.

Don't get me wrong yes school is fun, nice and the love their friends but it is not that favorite place to go as a kid. As much as I volunteer my time at school and send fun class gifts for holidays or national days (Thanks to Oriental Trading) my critters rather be elsewhere. As a "grown up" I can totally understand but sometimes we have to do things we don't really want to do right. Like work, laundry, food shopping, etc. the list can go on and on.

So due to all off this I think it helps to have a visual countdown of how many days are left in the week. It can also help the order of the days and months. Everything can be a learning experience you just need to keep it fun.

The (fun, pretty cool) stickers we used here, pictured above, are were gifts from the Valentine's Exchange we participated in with our Disney Latina Moms #DisneyLatinaMoms. I think the more "fun", bright or cool the stickers are the more attention they will get.

What are some fun and easy ways you help your weekdays go by a little faster?

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

To Mask or Not to Mask??

So the new mask trend is on the rise. I must say I have tried out one or too. Have you??

I like this new hashtag #SelfCareSunday I try my best to pamper myself on Sunday but
even if it does not happen on Sunday I try to take these 20 mins for me once a week at some point.
As a working from home mama of three critters with a hubby with 200 (feels like that) jobs I am needless to say always busy. Always juice to be poured, a butt to be wiped or a fight to break up.
For 2018 (yes New Year Resolution time) I am trying to focus a little more on me. So 20 mins once a week is a baby step in the right direction. Lil by lil is a way to get things done.   
                                    Carrot on the Left and Avon on the Right

I have found that from the two different ones that I have tried some are more feel secure or "fit" better on your face and some slide off. Some actually even taste good. I know you are not supposed to eat the mask when you are done (that would be cool though) but I do lick my lips. Side Note - Someone please invent a edible face mask and just give me 5%, NO I am not greedy no Mr. Wonderful deals here lol #SharkTankFan

                         Here are the packages of the masks I have tried out

The first one I tried was Avon ones. I am a Avon rep so maybe I have a basis, lol. I feel like these are a bit thicker and don't slide so much. The Carrot brand I got for navidad. No I was not insulted instead happy that I can try something else to help my annoying adult acne. Hey it happens and if you are experiencing it there are so many different ways to try and help it. I was grateful for this useful gift from my lovely aunt.

No matter which one I try, I still try to lie back and relax while I let the mask work it's MAGIC. Most of the times is 15 to 20 mins so I take the MAX time to let it really work. Remember that when you try new products out especally on "problem" areas things can get worse before they improve.
After the first few times I felt that part of my face broke out a little more. No worries it is part of the process right?! I sure hope so.
                         You have to use downtime to play with FILTERS right ?! LOL

Use my link to try a Avon mask out. They are currently on super sale $8.99 down from $30. YEA Great deal.

My next one to try is one I saw in the Five Below IG page. It is pictured below, Gold Mask. I am all about it. I will let you know how it goes. I also saw that Bath and Body Works also has their own line so next round of mailed to me coupons I will be trying those too. In the meantime let me know different brand that I should try.